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Projects – Ezgineer

First project (Work in progress)

Magnetic connectors for LED lights (Strip and bulb).

From a survey conducted at Tiong Bahru Market on middle aged to elderly women, 90% depends on others for electronics problem due to safety issues, inability due to sight/strength and the lack of electronic knowledge. Most depend on family or technicians to change for them,  with the average cost of technicians at $40. The elderly are mostly unwilling to spend their retirement savings on technicians, but they do not have much choice. 86% would fix the lights themselves if a simpler, safer solution is available.

Our magnetic connectors allows the elderly to easily connect the power source, LED and its driver together safely and easily.

We are also working on making a magnetic LED light bulb to reduce the effort needed to screw it on the ceiling as the elderly do not have much strength to screw or even climb up to the ceiling.

Although these are made for the elderly, many who fixes the lights at home are willing to use it as well due to its convenience, hence this product has a wide market and can be highly profitable.